Just Before We Go


Since last writing we’ve got our caravan back! Kinda necessary when we’re off on the 4th Nov!!! It’s only been 7 months at the repairers waiting for parts. Just a reminder to all caravanners – check your wheel bearings regularly. All 4 of ours had failed. Thank goodness we had a full service done.

image      We just bought this amazing little BBQ. It is so compact, lightweight and easy to use. We can even use it as a wok!

image  Look what that clever bunny Ollie made for me. A beautiful limestone swan.


imageAt the opening of the Cedar Galleries Australiana Exhibition on Saturday 24th Oct.

Absolutely great to see my Garden Chess set come to life. Some 4 years ago I designed a garden chess set and sculpted the first 2 pieces. Then I had to stop sculpting because of my back. The rest of the talented sculptures under Marj Cameron’s guidance finished the set. Thanks also to Rosemary Anderson for making the crowns etc. This has been donated to Cedar Galleries for all visitors to play with.

imageNow this was a project I thought about doing 10 years ago!! Finally Lanie Frost and I did it. It’s an old VW Beetle hood that we painted our surfer boy on (thanks to Carolyn Woudenburg and Rosemary Anderson for your inputs). This is also permanently donated to Cedar Galleries

Go along to Cedar Galleries and see the exhibition? Try you hand at all the activities every Friday. Also get some Christmas presents.

Well done to all the artists especially Una Webber for your organisation and inspiration


what a surprise. Our beautiful gingers are in flower. Didn’t think we’d see them before we go

31st Oct – we had a Parting Plate Party – everyone brings a plate of food that they want to eat. Goodness what big appetites people have!!!! Loads left – being Halloween we had about 25 children trick or treating – wow what big appetites they have – no leftovers. image Game of Klop at the party – now perhaps Ollie will remember to wear a hat!!!!!

tuesday 3rd – last Tuesday tennis and Melbourne Cup celebrations. What a race a girl won for the first time ever – Ollie won the small sweep and I won the big one. Wish I’d put a bet on as well 100/1 !!!!

cleaning, tidying and getting our van ready for 4th

Write soon




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