4th Nov 10am – We’re off

4th Nov

Mr GP’s ready (zoom into picture) Pride of place on dashboard. Off we go.


Marj Cameron needs an eye test – All caravan lights working well !!!

Why do all cars have impossible to reach places between front seats and console. Only been going 2 hours and a crisp, pen and packet of cigars are in the chasm.

1st stop – Moura Rotary Park. Strange – 2 women approach with cameras seemingly photographing the sky. As they approach our BBQ hut they point the camera again – oops we’re only taking pics of lights they say – strange


Rolleston – 1st free camp site on corner of 2 highways. Try another – full of cattle transporters and flies. Back to 1st one more cattle transporters. Seems we’re at the end of a droving run. Decide to go to the caravan parkimage

Time for a walk. What a wonderful QueenslanderimageExcited Mr GP

Thurs 5th Nov

First night hot – what’s wrong with air con? Helps if you turn it from fan to cool!!!

image Brekky on new BBQ

Time for a shower – no water. Helps if you turn the pump on!!! Oh hell – no hot water. Ollie tries all remedies, gets useless manual out, looks at fuses. From my position on the sofa comment that the hot water switch he is looking at is off – could that be the cause? Can’t think why I was worried about hot water – weather requires cold shower.

Leave Rolleston For Roma.

Suddenly CB radio calls us – middle of nowhere – cattle in front. 2 riders with spare horses on verge – then we see it The Drovers and about 100 or more head of cattle. Took loads of pictures – must remember not to put my finger over the lens!!!!!

Arrive Roma – park – pull out awning – awning pulley comes away in my hand!!! Oh SH 1 T. Attachment still in narrow channel.

Below is a pair of small jewellery pliers. Anyone any idea why we have already used them for 3 jobs. There’s no prize but if you guess right we’ll mention you in our next post


If you are in Roma visit the info centre. Great food and exhibition of first first oil and gas found in Australia in 1900. Amazing 2015 and gas just got to Gladstone !!!!!

Thunderstorm and high winds attack. Notice fridge not cold enough. Get out uselessness manuals again. Not sure why we keep doing this as they are B all help. Decide things always look better in the morning.


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