9th Nov

I think I found the answer to Ollie’s hearing problems. 2 Parabolic dishes 60 metres apart – just whisper into them and no problem hearing. Amazing.

Kilometres so far – first week

Boyne Island to Rolleston 353K – 5 hours

Rolleston to Roma 227k – 21/2 hours

Roma to Lightning Ridge 437K – 63/4 hours (stop in St George and cattle prolonged the journey time)

Lightning Ridge to Warren 318K – 4hours

Total 1335K in a week

9th Nov

We found our new house on Lunatic Hill Lightening Ridge







miners hut lived in up to 1962


Typical landscape DCIM100GOPRO

That fridge  – still not right. Liz decides to look at (take apart) the 12 pin connector plug to the car. Well, well after all that servicing a lead to the 12v supply is disconnected. Could be the cause. Let you know when we know.


On leaving Lightning Ridge we happened upon Stanley – no idea how big he is but his beak is a VW Beetle bonnet!!!

10th Nov

Sad journey today – real drought. Then Warren NSW – greedy lot – they’ve had all the rain. Everywhere is green – still have to feel sorry for them – biggest day of the year last Saturday the annual race meeting had to be cancelled because of a waterlogged track – not just the rain but a burst pipe!!!! Feast or famine.

Took a few short walks and felt cool at this weir


Mr GP has been complaining – hasn’t been out with us for some days. Will take him next time.

11th Nov

travel to Cobar intending to sleep at free camp 60 K West Cobar. Fridge hasn’t worked. Return to Cobar. Auto electrician flummoxed – no wonder we are!

Cobar is a copper, and gold mining town


12th Nov

Proceed to Wilcannia to stay at Warrawong Camp on the Darling river. Pleasant walkimage

then reading with only a miriad of bird song to disturb us and Mr GP

what did we use those pliers for?

1 thought on “9th Nov

  1. Bruce and Marjorie Cameron

    Bruce reckons pliers used to retrieve lost goods from between seats
    Yes we did get a bit of rain, 2days with only 5ml each day. You could watch all the heavier rain going passed us.
    House surviving and my legs are getting used to the stairs.

    Love Marj


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