Tuesday 17th Nov


Hopefully I have managed to add a map of our trip as far as Broken Hill

Kilometres this week

Warren to Cobar 225K

Cobar to Wilcannia 264K

Wilcannia to White Cliffs and back 217k

Wilcannia to Broken Hill 220k

Broken Hill to Port Pirie 414K

Total since 11th Nov 1340K

i found some more photos of different houses at Lightening Hill and more of the cactus garden

image imageimageimage



17th Nov

We popped down another mine!!! Why when I feel claustrophobic I’ve no idea!!!! This time it was a silver, lead and zinc mine called Daydream mine (1883 it started) 20k outside Broken Hill on the way to Silverton. It’s horrific the conditions they worked in – the air would have been full of Mica leading to lung disease.


The mine was miles from anywhere. Beats me how they knew where to look!!! Mr GP’s still looking!


This is the first smelter in the area


We travelled on about 7K to Silverton for lunch


The Hotel has been used in various films

Amazing what you find in the middle of nowhere


The only thing we couldn’t find was a Nano Sim for Ollie’s new iphone6. Not surprising really. Off to Port Pirie where we are assured that the Optus shop there will be able to help. Just 414K away!!!!!

18th Nov

Arrived in Port Pirie. 39 degrees and no Optus shop. Only prepaid sims available!!!!

As we’ve travelled we keep seeing adverts on the TV about protecting children from lead poisoning. We knew there were problems with lead at Mt Isa but it’s also a problem here at Port Pirie as well. The reason – it has the biggest lead smelter in the Southern Hemisphere.

19th Nov

Off to Clare today. Hopefully find the right Nano sim!!!!!!



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