11th Dec

11th Dec

Time to leave Spear Creek. Definitely somewhere to return to. Move on to Cowell.

Take a walk to the local boat ramp. Greeted by a massive gull. Apparently a Pacific Gull – 63cm’s. Not so small

12th Dec

Time to take a rest.

13th Dec

Vsit to a Qnandong farm – well actually Heather’s house. Such a lovely lady in her 80’s. She asked what we wanted – just jam or coffee and scones. As we made our coffee she whipped the cream. We then carried the tray up to her newly built little lookout. Sooooooo sweet.

She suggested we went to Point Gibbon then showed us pictures of her sons rolling down the dunes about 40 years ago!! We had strict instructions to stay on the road and not drive on the sand – yes Mum!!!! Also told we must come back and she’ll have some satsuma plums for us. ( Hopefully she will appreciate the mango freezer jam we’ll take for her)

She was right and we came upon 2 sea lions – so close. image image image

Yes I tried sliding and rolling down the dunes. (Press on the video link). What a great experience without costing a cent (penny)

14th Dec

chill out day again. Ended with the most delicious beef roast on the Cadac again. No pics cause it smelt too good to wait. Lovely to chat with Helen, Roger, Pat, Brian & Kay. Having a Tuesday tennis booze up.

15th Dec

weather warm – soak in pool.

Visit to Cleve. First stop – “Conversations” restaurant at Elbow Hill. You have to visit if you’re in the area. They had a string Christmas tree with notes from any visitors in Dec. Sounds odd but great reading. French dressing on salad the best we’ve ever had.


Ollie and Mr GP at Yeldulknie Weir. Having walked up to weir and then back down we realised it was 41 degrees!!! No wonder we felt warm!!!

Next stop Cleve and TICKLEBERRY Hill. What a wonderful name.imageimage

Mr GP met a friend. These collie dog metal statues are all over Cleve. Love to know more about them but Google search and brochures don’t explain. If anyone knows more about them please let us know.


Mr GP got really excited as we approached Highway Lookout. What a view over The Eyre Peninsula towards Arno Bay



Oops take a look at the sky! This gravel road is not transversable in wet weather!!! Still 30K to go!!!!

Back at the caravan park at Cowell – the heavens opened. Glorious rain for this drought affected area of SA. And it waited till we were safe in our caravan cocoon.




2 thoughts on “11th Dec

  1. Elene

    Extreme weather heading your way if not already there this morning. Keep the water supply up and stay cool.
    Even Tasmania that had snow last week are going to get the heat wave. Australian weather !!!!! Cooler here in Brisbane and heading home today.
    Safe trip……..love your blog. Merry Christmas and safe travel. Elene


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