18th Dec

18th – 20th Dec

Hot, hot, hot. 40 degrees

.imageJust before the stormimageAfter the storm

  • imageBeautiful sunset
  • imageGot ourselves a Christmas present. Battery operated golf trolley so we get some exercise around the golf courses. Most courses are closed because of the hot weather and have black sand greens. Probably first use will be in Port Lincoln in the New Year

lovely farewell meal with Bo, Richard, Elizabeth and Robin.

21st Dec

imageReady to leave Cowell

Stopped in Kimba which is halfway across Australiaimage image

It also has thisd


Off to Gawler Ranges. Ollie booked the CP months ago so we definitely had somewhere for Christmas. No booking!!!! But he paid a $30 deposit!! Guess what he booked us into Gawler which is 500K away near Adelaide. Luckily when I notified people where we would be I gave them the Gawler Range C P address – Sandy wondered why she was getting so much post for Liz & Ollie !!!! Luckily tree is plenty of room here.

decided we needed a leg stretch – walked up the highway – came upon thisimage image image image

This massive 8 metre high pink granite sculpture is called Australian Farmer. An amazing 17 year achievement for a community of just 600 people. Check it out on Google. I just sat in awe. It is beautiful.

22nd Dec

Catch up on washing etc. Shopping.

imageFound this in a lovely shop. In case you can’t read it properly it says – “Let’s run away together on a Wild Crazy Adventure”. We just had to have it.n

23rd Dec

Just about to go out for the day and this arrived



Beautiful. Thank you Tim, Steph, Ethan & Freya



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