23rd Dec (2)

Well now it’s 23rd. I got ahead of myself!

Lovely pic of family in London (minus Lucy)

image image

I’ve tried to map our route. Www.trackmytour.com/ukVfj.

23rd Dec

Another granite rock day. Up, up, up & down,down down!!

PLaces we visited included Minnipa, Pildappa Rock, tcharkulda Hill – don’t you just love the names.





image image image image

Dec 24th – Christmas Eve

Because it was going to be hot we decided to go to the coast

Venus Bay was our first stop

image image image

Quite little fishing village – someone had caught a lot of fish and these guys knew it!

Then we decided to check out Streaky Bay where we are planning on going next. On the way we saw a sign to Murphy’s Haystacks. We weren’t going to do much up, up, up & down, down, down today because of the 40 degree heat. But guess what  we did.

image imageimage

Then it was back to Wudinna and a meal in the CP restaurant.

25th Dec Christmas Day

Thank you everyone for your cards and gifts. Here we are on Christmas morning with our new golfing clothes and battery trolley. Thank you Else’s.

Isn’t FaceTime amazing. Spent some time talking to Tim & Chris and families. Great – miss you and love you all. (Same to all our friends)


Oh boy did the wind blow – gusting 52 K!!! Flew into the restaurant for a lovely evening with Sandy, Peter, Klaus and Tatiana..

26th Dec

we did the Gawler Ranges!!! 300K of gravel or less than gravel roads. The final 50K of corrugated gravel tracks was enough!!

Saw some amazing sites though


Heading into the Gawler Ranges. The different greens were amazing DCIM100GOPRO


This plant just shone out – the photo doesn’t do the greens justice – who said the camera never lies!DCIM100GOPRO

Approaching the “Organ pipes”. Most of the Gawler ranges are made up of these tubular granite formations. You feel like if you could pull them out of the ground you would have ready made pillars




Waterfall – no water of courseDCIM100GOPRO







These 2 kept an eye on us !                DCIM100GOPRO


Look at the difference from the other greens – silvery and so soft looking.      DCIM100GOPRO


Poor Ollie all alone at the bottom of Allalone Hill.              DCIM100GOPRO


You can just see 2 emus – would they get off the road? No. We were doing 30k and they kept running. If we stopped they walked. If we started again they kept going up the middle of the road. This went on for a few K stop start stop start. Wondered how far before they left the road. No way of getting past them. An emu traffic jam in the middle of nowhere                  DCIM100GOPRO

Returned to the van – still felt like we were using a jack hammer about 2 hours later – declared we’d seen enough of the Gawler Ranges.

27th Dec

Not surprisingly we spent today chilling.

Then we remembered we hadn’t checked the screws. When caravanning you have to have “a screw loose” if you don’t check your screws. Don’t wait for sometning to fall off before checking.

just about to have roast beef off the Cadac.





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