31st Dec

31st Dec

6.30 am – 2k walk round Polda Rock and dam. Already 28 degrees!!!

We are still in Wudinna – Keep forgetting to mention how easy it is to find everything in this town. Not because it is only 3 streets but at the intersection to each street is a list of the shops in that street – brilliant idea.

Are you sitting down? I have something I’d like to share – Ollie is becoming a “handy man”!!!! Honest.

Firstly he mended our waste bin on the door – Swift quoted us $150 for a new one !!!!! He spent $3 on the repair!!

Secondly – waste water from the sinks and shower was slow to drain out – not a drama, not a crisis just a pain. I found a blog with the remedy – use a bucket with a sullage pipe attached so all 3 wastes drain into the bucket not 3 separate sullage pipes. Together with the local “hardware” shop owner (easy to find because of the streets list) and a guy in the caravan park with an attachment to drill a hole he converted a square bucket we already had to do the job and still be useable as a bucket. All for $6!!!

What a clever bunny.

Meanwhile I “Spring” cleaned the inside of the van (not really sensible in this heat but there again who said I was sensible!!!) and did the never ending washing – which dried as I hung it out.

Time to Hunker down in the van in air conditioning as it’s 40 degrees +. Wonderful afternoon doing “b” all but reading.

Time to take a cold shower in readiness for the evening – I thought Queensland was the only place that you got hot water out of the cold tap – wrong.

Out to dinner in the 5* CP restaurant. Sandy who runs the park is amazing. There are very few CP’s with restaurants let alone ones in the middle of nowhere that do such excellent food. And still from 7am every day she smiles and deals with everything in an easy un flustered way only to cook for 20 nearly every night!!!!

To all our family and friends


May you be blessed as we are – yes, life throws up “curve balls” – the light wouldn’t come on unless it had an equal amount of positive & negative. May your light glow.


Liz & Ollie


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