4th Jan

4th Jan

After my post yesterday a couple of things happened. Well several things happened but 2 to have a giggle at

Firstly Ollie announces – I’ve lost the car keys – Search underway – you know the usual – where did you last use them – to drive the car. Ok, what have you done since then? Retrace steps – even visit loo – in your pocket? In the cupboard? In the car? Just running out of places to look – well they’re only sitting under our noses – on the table!!!! Disaster averted

Not 5 seconds later – Ollie announces he’s lost his phone!!!!!! I look at him, I look at his right hand and his phone is in his Right hand!!!! Now he really has lost it I think!!! It’s in your hand. No it’s not! Help!!!!!!!

Somehow he’s lost the phone icon on his phone!!!

Earlier when walking along the beach his phone in his left top pocket 1) took a picture by itself 2) started playing ABC Radio (very active left nipple???????). I managed to turn radio off – never knew he had that icon!!!!!!

i tried everything to get the icon back – well turn it off and turn it on again usually works with IT stuff (thanks Adam for that tip back in the days of DOS nearly). No luck.

Thank goodness we are in a park full of families. I suggested he needed a 14 year old. He popped across to the family opposite – Mum said don’t ask me ask her – pointing to her 12 year old daughter – 2 secs and quick fingers and his icon was back!!!!!!!

4th Jan

played golf again – should be fitter. Streaky Bay golf course is quite a delight –   Think I beat Ollie both days!!!!!

5th Jan

move on to Elliston. Oh my god – GRASS – (no not that kind, the green stuff you run a mower over) Haven’t seen any since our lawn at Bessie Ct. We were offered a gravel site. Not B likely. Soft grass underfoot wonderful!!

you have to visit Elliston. Only done a small part this afternoon – it is gorgeous. Take a look.

image image image image Yes, that is a goat you can see

we were walking along the beach at Little Bay and looked up to see a goat. As we got closer it stood up and then started bleeding at us. We could not get up to it. We backtracked to the village and went the Post Office. We expected to be told there are always goats there. However the reaction was –  What a goat!! Yes. The more people that came in the more astounded they were. As yet we do not know what has happened to the goat. One farmers wife was going to get her husband to get it down – she really wanted a goat. Let you know tomorrow

image image image image Elliston Golf clubimage hole No 1 & 10imageHole number 9 & 18. Decided it was too challenging!!!

Back at the CP – we have grass – game of Klop – the locals came out of the woodwork and couldn’t resist asking what we were playing

let you know about the goat tomorrow



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