13th Jan

13th Jan

Set to be another hot day. So, another early walk. This time around the coastline round Coffin Bay township. This time only little ups & downs but nearly 7K

.image View to the Coffin National Park

image image

image Little Cormorants imageview over coffin Bay

imageUnloading sardines at the wharf. We watched them unload 5 of these large bins and there was at least double that to come. Wonder how many tins of sardines that is?

Do I love Bungies (okie straps in Oz) – you bet I do. Winds gusting to 43K this afternoon direct at the awning. Would normally mean taking it in but with our bungies attached to 10litre water containers and the sides fixed with bungies our awning was fine


Let’s hope I haven’t spoken too soon as more high gusts predicted tomorrow

14th Jan

cold 15 degrees and windy. Awning fine.

Decide it’s a good day to bakeimagePretty pleased with my loaf

Here’s a teaser for you. We first found one of these in the ensuite in March 2014, in Dec 2015 we found another and now we just found a third!!!!!!! Cannot find any visible holes to fit them in. Any ideas?


15th Jan

Game of golf at Port Lincoln



poor Mr GP – he can’t even see the flag. Good job it’s downhill!!!! Ollie flogged me today – said he was following my tips – must stop giving him tips. Asked if we wanted to play in the comp tomorrow.

16th Jan

what a lovely group of people. Had great fun and played lousy after starting with a par!





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