17th Jan

17th Jan

Started the day with some sad news. Ollie’s brother in law Peter passed away last night. Had only been speaking to him on FaceTime the day before. He’d seemed his usual cheeky self. Thank you FaceTime – keeps us all in touch.

The rest of the day was peaceful and contemplative.

18th Jan

Finally seeing dentist – I know I should have done months ago but didn’t want to part with the plate Sue Pugh made for me years ago. Must say I was dreading those great gob stopper things they stick in your mouth – usually feel your breathing through a pinhole and it’s going to take the remaining teeth with it!!! None of that – brilliant. I think it’s also the first time the dentist didn’t ask me questions when he’s filling my mouth with hands and items of torture!!! Don’t you feel an idiot trying to answer!!!!

19th Jan

Trusted my teeth to an unknown dentist yesterday – now trust my hair to unknown hairdresser – even more freaky. Don’t expect me to be seen in too many pictures in the near future!!!!!

Ollie went to the garage whilst I got scalped to get the new wing mirrors fitted. Our old caravan mirrors were great when we had the camper van but not that brilliant with the caravan. We now have the most enormous things – told Ollie he’ll be able to use them to put his make up on whilst driving!!!!image Pushed inimagepulled out

They’re by a company called Clearview – certainly do that

10 holes of Twilight golf at Port Lincoln – Ollie scored 24 Stableford points (came 3rd clever bunny) I got 22 – pretty pleased as I scored 14 on the first 5 holes – fell apart on the last 5. Great fun with great people.




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