22nd Jan

22nd Jan
The day started at 4.15am- fridge alarm went off!!! What a rude awakening. All lights in caravan park off – power outage. Just thinking of going back to sleep and an ominous rumble started!!! The heavens opened and the duck tape on the cracked window didn’t work – towels out – watertight again.

SEGWAY – today was Segway day. That’s another to tick off the bucket list. The following are 3 videos of us practising – we were much faster through the vineyards – although Ollie did fall off looking at the grapes and missed a large rut – well actually landed in it!! Ouch !!!

Did wonder if one could be converted to hold my golf clubs!!!!

Also had a vision of the future – all us geriatrics on Segways instead of mobility scooters – nightmare – brought back memories of my mother in Las Vegas age 93 in her mobility chair – she soon learnt to change the speed from tortoise to hare – with Ollie hanging on the back and being dragged along through the Pokies!!!

2 thoughts on “22nd Jan

  1. Ro and Col

    Ha ha, that image of Ollie getting pulled along behind the mobility scooter is priceless! Reminds us of Benidorm which we visited briefly a few weeks back and the double mobility scooters there, had to watch where you walked.


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