25th Jan

It’s been a mixed week – the weather kind of interrupted things a bit. It’s been cool 15 – 25,degrees and also very windy – up to 50kph gusts. Rather sedentary week!! Also been engrossed in the tennis

25th Jan

Hunkered down in the van – wind & rain

26th Jan

Australia Day – great day at golf. Well over 120 competing


Weather held off. Company was great golf was not.

27th Jan

Ollie off to the dentist this time – had to break a tooth so he didn’t miss out!!!! I started a new crochet project

28th Jan

Ladies day golf – the less said the better. I blame the rain, wind and gales – I’m a fair weather golfer – that’s my excuse. Another visit to the dentist for me to collect my new teeth. By the time I got back to Coffin Bay the new teeth were discarded – soooo painful.

29th Jan

Back to the dentist for both of us. After 2 visits in a day success – teeth great.

Spotted this in the shop opposite the dentists – very cleverimage

30th Jan

More golf – got soaking wet again – what a bandit Ollie is- he won again – well done. He also won’t $50 in the draw and a meat tray. At this rate we’ll be having free golf

What a match – Angy Kerber & Serena Williams.

These little  guys nearly hopped in the van

image image




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