31st Jan

31st Jan

Rain stopped long enough to dry the washing. Wind helped – nearly lost the sheets!!!

Another walk around the caravan park between squawls!!

Ia Andy always going to be the bridesmaid at the Australian Open?

1st  Feb

Seniors golf at Port Lincoln. Great fun and no rain or wind.

.imageLittle cot blanket I made from alpaca for Sam & Leanne’s baby

Here’s the man himself Patrick Jon born at 11am


Oh so peaceful.

2nd Feb

3am – heavens opened 76 mls rain in about 4 hours. The window repair didn’t work – towels needed to mop up. Being a double glazed unit the bottom of the unit is filling up with water – great caravan leveler !!!!!!!!

Rain most of the day – twilight golf cancelled for us.



Unfortunately you can’t quite read what is above these 2 shops beside the caravan park in “Coffin” Bay – it says “Medical Centre” on left and “Raw Meatstore” on right!!!!!!! Wonder what goes on in Coffin Bay????????

3rd Feb

Our 43rd Wedding Anniversary and time to leave Coffin Bayimage This picture with the little wooden jetties typifies Coffin Bay for me. Hope it never changes from it’s quaint fishing village feel.

Off to Nuttbush Retreat – “Mum” – Helen  – told us to go there – is there anyone she doesn’t know in SA???? It is on Pandurra station started in 1895.

4th Feb

What is wrong with these South Australian flies????? Lemon, orange, cloves, lavender, cedar wood & rosemary – why are they homing in on these scents -.perhaps they are vegetarian or maybe even vegan!!!!!! Still caravan smells good.

My latest creation – nearly 1 meter wide rug.


What next? Any requests?


1 thought on “31st Jan

  1. Liz Kuipers

    Hi Liz & Ollie, still enjoying your posts. We have stayed at Nutbush a few times – a word of warning in the dead of night you can hear the trucks coming and changing gears for about 20kms, but its an interesting spot to stay. Elizabeth Quay opened here last weekend Liz – I’ll wait until you get here and we can go together!! Do you have any idea when you’ll arrive in Perth? Love, Liz & Frank


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