11th Feb

11th Feb

image Sunset at Wuddina last night

Uneventful journey from Wuddina to Ceduna. Meet up with Elizabeth & Robyn + 4 others (Pete & Sue and Brian & Doreen. Nibbles and happy hour catching up. Robyn & Elizabeth gave us some delicious crab they caught today. Yummy

12th Feb

Time to take a look around Ceduna. Walked from Ceduna to Thevenard via Pinky Point (with a name like that we had to take a look


Looking back at Ceduna


Towards Thevenard DCIM100GOPRO


Pinky Point


Salt, gypsum and wheat terminal at Pinky Point

Our return journey took us back through the town of Thevard. Back at the car in Ceduna we took our shoes off and had a much needed paddle in the sea

on return to the van we treated ourselves to homemade lime cheesecake, homemade sticky ginger cake and ice cream.

good job we gave ourselves a sugar burst before finding out how far we walked. Apparently Ceduna to Pinky Point is 4K as we did the return journey that made it an 8k walk!!!!!

definitely need a rest.

6pm – dinner at the Sailing Club – good food. Great company.

13th Feb

Bit of a lazy day. Do a bit of forward planning.

it was Ethan’s (our grandson) 7th birthday on 29/2/16. Just got this video



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