18th Feb

18th Feb

Lovely morning. All ready to go – just plug in the caravan electrics – not going anywhere yet!!!! Unplug, replug, investigate, unplug, replug, investigate – blind leading the blind really. Get out useless manual – read useless manual. Unplug, replug – all working. What was that all about? Beep, beep computers – must be third time lucky logic!!!!

Set off to Port Lincoln. 6 hours later arrive Port Lincoln Tourist Park. Robyn warned us to beware – they had put us on the cement terraces – no way. Cement = sun glare + extra heat – certainly not needed. Looked at as if we were mad when we said no way (in polite terms). Found ourselves a lovely grassy shaded spot overlooking Port Lincoln Bay and a short walk to the beach.

Roast beef in the Cadac and then excercise after supper. Lovely evening.

Port Lincoln Bay image image

19th Feb

sunrise over the caravan park.


Time for a walk – not yet – the heavens have opened again. Time to visit the Plum Farm again. Should have taken a photo of the pears – massive. Soooo juicy. Bought some enormous quinces as well as juicy plums.

Now the sun is out we take a 2k walk around the large caravan park and along the foreshore.

20th Feb

Adelaide to Port Lincoln Yacht Race. Prime position to watch them come into the bay

image image

Golf at Port Lincoln – surprised a few people with our return. Wonderful to play on grass again. Not that it improved the golf

21st Feb

Decide we’ll stop here till end of March. Thought of going to the horse racing today – skies look threatening and it’s cold. Foreshore walk beckoned when the sun came out. Cooked up the plums and made a quince crumble – the van smells of cinnamon & cloves. Yummy.

22nd Feb

Physio 9am – Been niggled with shoulder & back pain for a couple of weeks. Jeez – how come they know the exact spots to hit? Guess I’ll feel better soon.

Port Lincoln regatta week. We have a great position to watch the yachts – no idea what they are doing – hope they do – but they look pretty and serene.  Remind me of  swans – all serene on top and paddling like mad underneath!image

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