23rd Feb

23rd Feb

Drizzly & cold.. We wandered & watched the yachts racing round the bay. Twilight golf followed by bring a plate supper. Lovely group of people

24th Feb

Rained all night. Rained all day. The bay was indistinct in the mist and the yachts ghostlike. Took the opportunity to fill the freezer with meals again. Thank goodness the temporary repair to the sun window is holding up.

25th Feb

Ladies golf today – sunny day. Sunny golf – great company.

Awning on van – edge has ripped presumably from the wind. Guy next door is a “fountain” of knowledge. Only trying to be helpful!!!

Ollie rang insurance and local caravan repair guy. Hopefully all be fixed next week

26th Feb

Love our lazy days. Finished off a good book. Finished off my new creation – a nearly round cushion for our outdoor chairs which are sagging a bit

imageNow have to remember how I did it and make another.

27th Feb

Golf day in the sun.

28th Feb

Walk in Lincoln National Park









Walked 5K with only a bit of up,up, up and down, down down. All seemed very deserted. Even the birds weren’t very “chatty”. Loads more walks to do another day.

29th Feb

shopping. Port Lincoln has just about all the shops you could need – apart from a shop selling wool!!!! Ollie tried a bit of pier fishing – no supper. Good job our neighbors gave us some “salmon” fillets. Not salmon as we know it – more like herring. Tasted good though

1st March

Can’t believe how the time is flying. Twilight golf and wonder of wonders I came 2nd on a count back for 1st. Followed by bring a plate supper again and loads of laughs.



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