2nd March

2nd March

lovely sunny day. Plenty of breeze for the washing. Large loads so decide to use the caravan park machines instead of the caravan machine. Ollie offered to take it across and put it in before he goes to golf.

Pop over to take it out – there are 2 machines and a dryer but only 1 machine in use – how did he get it all in one machine? I ask myself. Answer he didn’t – he put one load in the dryer with the liquid soap!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, bless – he really needs more practice at this job.

beep, beep, beep, beep – warning beep from inside caravan – power cut.  Thunder rumbling all around – no storm here but whole of Port Lincoln has a power cut. Sun still out when Ollie got back from golf so unearth the solar panel from the car to boost batteries – cloud comes over just as we get it set up!!! And power comes on again!!!!!

3rd March

Ladies golf. Boring accounts this afternoon

4th March

Decide to have a bit of a practice 9 holes and have a walk. Never knew golf to be so dangerous. Firstly 4 guys behind us decide to play through us!!!!!! Then Ollie wheeled the trolley onto my in growing toe nail. Think I was halfway down the fairway trying not to scream. Finally on the next to last hole I drove off and got a excruciatingly painful stab on the ankle. The weirdest insect had got me.

5th March

Sat golf comp. great fun. Ankle still swollen.

Discovered I’d been bitten by a “Jack Jumper” ant – well actually “stung” by one. Well I certainly jumped like a Jack.

6th March

rain & more forecast. Took off to Lincoln National Park. Walked along Donnington  & Somerset beaches. Loads of Pacific gulls.







then went to visit HMB Endeavor – a replica of Cooks 1768 ship.





spotted more cobwebs on step into caravan. Flicked it off but didn’t all go so turned over the step – OMG – the biggest female red back I have ever seen – it’s body was at least 1/4 inch across – didn’t sop to take photo – egg sack and spider got the foot stamp. Seems it the week for nasties!!!!

7th March

seniors golf. I came 2nd in the ladies and Ollie won best score holes 1-9.image Elaine taking a rest on the course

8th March

Time 7 am – 7.20 am

image 7am

image 7.10am

image 7.20am

what a beautiful morning



3 thoughts on “2nd March

  1. Cath Aitkin

    Hi Liz and Ollie, I have been reading all about your adventures and how much fun you seem to be having. Nothing majorly interesting happening here – maybe the council elections will bring some excitement with hopefully a change in mayor, though I can’t actually say the competition is anything to jump up and down over. I saw a bus on the road yesterday with Gail Sellers advertising herself for mayor on the back of the bus – well you know that saying “with a bum as big as the backend of a bus”. Who did her advertising? I wonder! Have seen 2 really good movies lately “The Dressmaker” and “Lady in the Van”. Thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Cliff and I are playing in the Monto vets open on Friday. Hope its a good day. We’ve had a lot of rain over the weekend. Couldn’t play because the course was too wet. Much needed rain. From my reckoning you are 1/3 of the way through your planned sojourn. Do you intend moving on from Port Lincoln or staying there for rest of your time away? I shall keep reading your journal. Cath and Cliff

    1. aloeliz Post author

      HI Cath Lovely to hear from you. Hopefully Cliff is keeping out of trouble. Staying in Port Lincoln till 7th April. Then onto Ceduna to join a group of 60 golfers crossing the Nullabour on the “Chase the Sun Challenge”. You can find it on Nullabour Links. Takes a week doing the course with plenty of entertainment as we go.Then in May we fly from Perth to Broome to do a 12 day camping adventure with “Adventure Wild”. Then back to Perth pick up caravan and head off up the West coast then back to Boyne in October. In Dec our son & family are coming out from UK for 3 weeks and we’re off to the Gold Coat for 11 days. Should get settled again in Jan!!!!!!!


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