8th March

8th March

Twilight golf.

9th March

Said goodbye to Anneke & Hansimage Safe travels.

Ollie played golf

Marj had rung cause one of our relaxer chairs relax bit had broken. Meaning the foot bit no longer sprung up. Something in the mechanism broke. Solution – get hold of the man who can – Roger – 10 mins later all working. Amazing.

10th March

Ladies golf – now are you sitting down – I won and it was a par competition

With my winnings I took Ollie out for coffee & scones at Chino’s. Great coffee.

Thought we might see the Endeavour sail away but it just sat there in the bay – no windimage Then next time we looked it was gone!!!!

Ollie must have been in touch with his feminine side just lately – seems reading the manual is not something he’s done. He’s been worrying that the tyre pressure monitor is not working properly – been sitting there in the car fiddling with it for ages. Suggestion – have you read the manual – not yet. Solution in 5 secs. Very feminine.

Had a meal out last night – I decided on Devilled Scallops – proper Devils too hot for me.

11th March

Happy Birthday Claire – our lovely, special daughter in law. Have a great time at Disney Paris.

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