12th March

12th -16th March

We’ve been rather boring these last few days – golf, golf, golf and twilight golf!!! Wonder if bits could do a 9 hole twilight golf?

not to say the sunrises haven’t been wonderful and the weather is a lovely 24 degrees.



We’ve taken a few walks looking for the blackberries that Liz Weatherspoon said “we’re just up from the CP. ” as it is down to the sea the other 3 directions are up! Only trouble was she was talking about the other CP!!!

Had some loo cassette problems and had to get a new one. Whilst waiting for that a slow leak from the loo area seeped under the caravan floor.  All dry again now without damage thank goodness.

Getting excited about our trip across the Nullabor. Need to make up a poem for poets night. Got this far-

“Get ready to say four

We’re off across the Nullabor

We’re Chasing the Sun

In the name of Fun

Whilst lofting our clubs

On a trip round the pubs

We’ll sing and we’ll eat

What amazing people we’ll meet”

need a few more lines – can anyone help please??????


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