16th April

16th April

Phew!!! That was some trip. Now for the clean up. Looks like a bomb hit the car & caravan, nearly out of knickers, golf kit full of dust & mud.

Met up for a last drink with the group in the caravan park.image

Some team photos and proof of our Ambrose winimage imageHate the shirts but they were our prize!!!!

my new battery trolley & trophy to keep for my nearest the pin

image image image

This is the song Ann wrote for “The tales of the Trails” sung to Waltzing Matildaimage

Sad news – our neighbour, Arthur, in Kent for 17 years passed away. Why do the really good people go before their time?

17th April

Where to next? We have just over 2 weeks before we fly off to Broome for our next adventure in the Kimberley’s & Bungle Bungles.

Managed to clean the car at the local car wash. Looked at 2 other car washes and no hope of washing the caravan in them – too small. As in many CP’s we are not allowed to hose them down in the park. The Nullabor mud will have to stay with us for a while.

Ann & Bill came for a roast dinner and reminisce.

18th April

Did the tourist thing and went to look at the open cast gold mine. $1B a months comes out of here!!!image image image imageDon’t the people look small!!!

Went round to Ann & Bill’s for BBQ steak. Bill can BBQ again – delicious. Anyone who knows me will know how fussy I am about my steaks. Said our goodbyes and hope to meet up again – if only for the steaks!!!!!

19th April

Off to Merredin. If you want to sleep I suggest you bypass Merriden. The mine railway goes all night and they have 2 road crossings either side of the caravan park(do they to TOOT at both?) plus a garage next door with trucks braking all night.

20th April

Walk up another Granite mound at Merriden before we set off for Narrogin

image image Looking up to the topimageAt the top

On the way we went through Bruce Rock. Sorry Bruce couldn’t find your rock!!!image

Lunch stop at Lake Kurrenkutten near Corriginimage

At Narrogin we booked into Barna Mia for a nocturnal tour. Firstly went on a walk around Wandoo Wood for an hour and then took a drive around Dryandra Woodland nature conservation area








Lovely cushion of moss DCIM100GOPRO







Hopefully you can read some of the info. 6 Wallabies (? Tam ar wallabies) decided to jump the field fence across the track just in front of us – too quick to take a photo but they were almost black coloured!!


The Boodie or burrowing betting which we did see live


The Numbat


The Tiger Quoll which is in the woodland but not allowed in the enclosure because it is a carnivore and would eat the others


Woolies which we also saw live

OK – the above pictures are not live but examples of the marsupials in the woodland that are rare to see


Unfortunately no flashes are allowed but here are – bodies, Woylies and Malas or rufous hare- wallabies – you’ll just have to trust me on this one


Here you can just make out the big ears of the Bilby’s or rabbit-eared bandicoot on the right in the light? I can now tick that one off my list.

21st April

Head to Mundarah. We have a creaking and cronking noise in either the car or the caravan which has slowly got worse. Car booked in at Mandurah for a check up. Hope that roo didn’t do more damage than we thought!!!

we are in a lovely wooded caravan park in the centre of Mandurah called Timber Tops.

We took a walk into town and had a delicious ice cream overlooking the water.

Think we may stay here till we fly to Broome. So much to look at and see.

3 thoughts on “16th April

  1. Elene

    Now I will have to read some catch up. You are seeing more places than a lot of Aussies have seen ! The Top End is very different. Can see lots o f reminents of when the land was under water. 👍

  2. Elene

    Hi to you both. Cath informed us today what has been happening.
    Safe journey, and look after yourselves. Not good getting a fright like that.
    ⛳️⛳️ Elene❤️


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