24th April

24th April

game of golf at Mandurah Country Club. Great course, not such good weather got slightly wet. Any of you travelling and playing golf make sure and get Golf Passport. Gives us 2 for the price of 1. Great value

25th April

Anzac Day. Decide to go horse racing at Pinjarra

image image

Not the busiest day at the races and not the most lucrative either!!

26th April

Take car & van to caravan repair centre. They say definitely the car has the problem not the van

27th April

On the advice of the caravan centre take the car to Pedders suspension for testing. Rear springs naff! Car is not 3 years old, still in warranty.

28th April

on the advice of the dealership where we bought the car go back to Mitsubishi – after some hassle they agree to test it again. But, not till Friday.

Ho hum – wish I still had my Prado.

Decide to reward ourselves with a lovely roast lamb in my new toyimage Delicious

29th April

car into Mitsubishi for another test. Oooops – Egg on face for them – rear springs 60mms down. Good news is it’s under warranty. Bad news parts will take to 5th May to arrive.

Golf at Pinjarra. Flat course with plenty of hazards!!!

wet & windy night

30th April

Facetime with Tim in Breda. He only has 90 miles to go on his charity bike ride from Sittingbourne in Kent to Amsterdam in aid of Demelza Hospice. Look at Demelza101 on Facebook

My M.A.M.I.L.

image image

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