30th April

30th April

lovely day and spectacular surroundings for a game of golf at The Cut. A links course with views over the ocean.image

1st May

oh what a day. Ollie rushed into Fiona Stanley Hospital, Murdoch near Freemantle. Blocked coronary artery – stent put in almost before I got there. Amazing treatment. 1st class.

My trip was somewhat fraught. I started off following a sedate ambulance with lights flashing. 5 minutes into the journey my sedate journey ended. Sirens blazing, lights flashing, speed limit non existent – so I thought OK b…….r the speed limit – then came the red lights. That stopped me. All I could do was watch the ambulance disappear at full speed.

OK – don’t panic!!!!!! Go to local hospital. As we’re in Mandurah and the hospital is in Mandurah you’d think it was called Mandurah hospital – No it’s Peel Health Management centre or some such stupid name. No Ollie there. Luckily they were able to trace where he had been taken – some 70k North.

Thank goodness for maps on mobile phones. She got me there. Now where to park???? Find a 10 min slot outside emergency – 30 mins later leave emergency with fold out map of campus and parking areas with instructions that he might have got to CCU.

Hospitals really don’t want visitors – it was like Fort Knox trying to get into the car park. Then follow map from hospital dungeons to maze. Realise CCU on 1st floor – try to find stairs – OK lift will do. Left, right, left, left again – sentry box – will it be go directly to jail do not pass go do not collect $200 or go straight to CCU – directed to press buzzer on wall – bit like Cell Block H this. Left right – reception – Wahey – I’ve arrived. Ollie hasn’t. Decide coffee in order – back through buzzer door, corridors and lift. Coffee shop.

Coffee consumed – at this moment I have no idea what is happening. Retrace my steps – at last – buzzed in through second security doors in CCU. There he is sitting up in bed – what relief.

The words Matron come to mind – she was all that was needed to police the hospital – back in my day. At the time we’d have all happily got rid of her – but now????????

Having said all that the nursing & medical staff at Fiona Stanley have been amazing. Ollie is in 5 star luxury with fantastic care. Thank goodness we were so close.

Because of this amazing treatment you’ll be pleased to hear he has no further damage to the heart and can come “home” on Tuesday. According to Dr Andrew Lui (the georgeous consultant) he only needs to give golf a rest for a week and only because of WA laws he can’t drive for 2. He’s been told to resume “normal duties” in 2 weeks.

we won’t be going on our Adventure Wild trip next week but plan to go in July all being well.

2nd May

Sort the insurance for cancellations of trip. Seems remarkably easy!!! Ollie progressing well looking forward to getting out tomorrow.


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