May 9th

We’ve decided to stay put till 19th then head north.

Ollie is slowly getting fit and up 2 x 20 min. walks a day.image Cormorant taking it easyimagesandstone sculpture from Stretch Art exhibition on one of our walksg

He’s itching to get back to golf and bless him he came round in the buggy as “coach” for me.imageThis is not to show my putting skills but the 2 big diggers I played between! That was an experience!

unfortunately I managed to put my back out a bit and ended up at physio yesterday (12th May). This promoted a migraine and we couldn’t get to dinner with Ine & Bob. Hopefully catch up at the weekend.

Marj sent us this lovely photo of the view from our balcony back in Boyne Islandimage Stunning

thought I’d share the following photos. A single wood carving – I cannot believe someone had the skills and patience to do this. Apparently it took 4 years!! Just incredible. image image image image image

I am in awe of the work. Lost the name of the artist – it was on Facebook and I can’t find it again. Can anyone help?

it’s Friday 13th today !!!! Off to have a look at Dwellingup. What a lovely name.

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