13th May – Friday!!!!!

13th May

Dwellingup proved to be a pretty little place but it’s history was not so pretty. It got devastated by fire in 1961 – literally 1 chimney stack standing. It also “hosted” a large POW camp in the war.

we headed for the Island Pool Walk in the Lane Poole Reserve – sounds like a nice gentle 2k walk around a pool. Not a bit of it – it was 1k walk up an escarpment with presumably a 1k walk back. Half way up we came back down – bit much of an up up up for now. Picnic lunch by the pool

image image With this little chap hopping round us.

14th May

Started early for me – at 3.30am to be precise. Caravans are a bit like an echo chamber when the heavens open. Ollie missed the shower which came in through the skylight and the gentle rocking in the gale force wind must have rocked him in his sleep!!!

All Willy Warmers all standing up ready for duty!!!!!!!!


These are my latest preject.

First effort – image

Ollie said it was a little small!!

so I made them larger and numbered them in order of size

image image

Designer golf wear!!!!!!

What will I make next?

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