25th May

25th May

Time for another 9 holes of golf – walking this time.

The rain came again – time for R & R in the van. Don’t know how but I came across “Geo caching”.

Rain stops and off we walk to find our first Cache. Well we found a lovely Gazebo looking out to sea. Didn’t find the nano cache though. Bit disappointing but it was our first go. Geo Cache is a world wide game of treasure hunt. People hide stuff anywhere but not buried and send the co ordinates to a website for others to find. Better luck next time

image Latest addition to the family Audrey Miller with her parents Carlie & Duncan.image Audrey with cousin Patrick, Leanne Patrick’s Mum and Granny Nicola

Congratulations – grandchild 6 for Alec & Nicola

26th May

Set off for some sightseeing and a picnic. Drop into Sandy Cove a lovely spot to camp right on the beach. Discover that there is a Cache hiddenimage Our first ever find

Onto Grigsons Lookout – view over the area – I did a video but it wouldn’t load!!!!!



We did find another cache though image

Our Cache searching then took us to Green Head


Lovely spot for our picnic lunch. DCIM100GOPRO

image It’s tiny It was in the ?image Sea lion sculptures at Green Head.

Due to a fuel shortage and deviations to geo cache we didn’t get to the caves at Stockmans Gully so we returned via Lions Lookout just outside Jurien Bay and another cache


View to Jurien from Lions Lookout DCIM100GOPRO

4th cache. That’s 4 out of 4image

One last try in Jurien – no luck this time. It was another Gazebo!!! But great view to Crocodile Island



Think we have caught the geo caching bug. Makes for interesting exercise – 5k walked in pursuit of treasure!!!!!

Off to Dongara to meet up with Liz & Frank – you never know we might try our hand at lawn bowls.

1 thought on “25th May

  1. Chook

    Good to see what you have been up to, love the name of your newest addition. Make sure you DO package some of that rain up and send it back, we are desperate for it!


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