3rd June

3rd June

Foggy morning. There’s loads of things we could or should do – then there’s time to smell the roses – ooooooops – best wash the sports shoes from all that walking!!!

4th June

soggy wet journey to Carnarvon.

5th June

just a soggy wet day. They’re back !!!!!!!! Small black critters that make a noise like a harrier jump jet just by your ear – yup – the mozzie army have landed.

Well done Liz Kuipers on your bowls success. Also well done to Roger & Helen on their tennis success – they’ll be on the pro circuit next year!!!!

6th June

Guess what – it’s raining!!!





We went to 1 mile jetty – after we thought the rain had stopped. Halfway out the wind and the rain came again. Off for a geocache on dry land – get within 1 meter and get attacked. Those other B critters we haven’t seen for months – sand flies – bitten to pieces. Time to retreat to the sanctuary of the caravan

June 7th

Take a trip around the market gardens of the area and stock up with wonderful fresh, organic locally grown fruit & veg

then off to look at Rocky Pools. Manage a picnic before the rains come again. Roads north blocked on the Northern highway from flooding.





Highway still closed as is road into Exmouth our next destination. Stay put and swap yarns with Beth & Richard our next door neighbours.

8th June

set off for Exmouth stopping at Coral Bay on the way to pick up my Aloe order. We had intended to stay at Coral Bay but it was full. No aloe arrived yet – oh SH one T. Have to return the 150 K when it does!!!!!!

Something we haven’t seen for a long time appears on the horizon – yes OK the sun – but also termite mounds. Never understand how they decide where to build. I know it’s not very wet ground as they are like an iceberg with 1/8th at least underground but what other criteria do they have?





Arrive at Yardie Homestead Outside Exmouth right on the West coast of the peninsula – beautiful. Quite pleased we are not at Coral Bay – it reminded me of Butlins.!!! Anyone from the UK remember Butlins?

9th June

Aloe has arrived trip back to Coral Bay to pick it up. Watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean on our way back.

Photos will have to wait as internet is not good here. Fingers crossed this will publish



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