17th June

17th June

Today is vehicle day – Firstly the car service – passed with flying colours.

Next was chasing caravan tyres – after 2 hours we find there are no tyres to fit our van in Karratha or Port Hedland. We’re told another size will fit – then they look and say no you need the others – which is what I told them in the first place – if only they’d believed a woman on the phone – would have saved them a journey!!! Hey ho such is life!!!

With comments from our neighbour – nobody knows where Karratha is, deliveries arrive when they arrive – ringing in our ears we order the tyres for delivery on 20th/21st.

Now the windscreen – turns out Karratha windscreen place doesn’t have the right one – they need to order it!!! Help – no not another order. Ah better luck – Port Hedland has one and they’re coming here on 21st

Nothing for it – stay till 21st. Get the washing and the shopping done.

18th june

Decide a roof rack is needed – remember that dead roo we ran over – he messed up the spare wheel carrier. The only way to get the spare wheel out is remove the carrier – hence the roof rack

LOoking fo roof rack on line and the iPad died!!!! I suppose it was old – over 5 years.

Karratha is not the best place for a roof rack & ipad!!!!!

19th june

Trip out to look at Dampier & Deep gorge


Sturt Pea – they’re just beginning to flower all over the area


Remember the film Red Dog – this is the area he lived

image This is where those long trains end up at the Dampier Port



A beautiful tribute to the workers that lost their lives building the gas plants in the area. See the flame – it roars like a plane taking off. One of the largest ammonia plants in the world is here as well as iron ore and gas.

you also get lovely spots like this Cove



Now up Deep Gorge – with loads of aboriginal paintings – all high up the rocks. Not the most pleasant walking experience. Especially as it’s rather like a Roos loo around the small water holes!!!! The rocks aren’t even either!!!!




We decided to try a geocache – up a 4wd track and then a short walk!!!!! Short walk – well it was about 600 metres which is fine by itself but 200 metres was up a rock face – image




20th June

A trip out to Point Samson and Roebourne


  A walk along Point Samson beach


View from cliff top at Point Samson


Lovely massive limestone whale sculpture


View above Roebourne


Clever sculptures aren’t they?

21st June

Windscreen & tyres day

call to tell us the windscreen guy is in hospital – cut his hand!!!!

4pm – tyre chap arrives – tyres have not arrived. They were sent snail mail not express.

What next!!!!!


4 thoughts on “17th June

  1. Anneke van Wyk

    That is Karratha for you, there is not much there at all. You should think that they would have the tyres there with all these big trucks and people passing with car’s and caravans. The town is not much, so it is good that you can drive around to see the area for a few day’s but a week?????? Hope you are back on the road again soon. Take care .

  2. Frank Kuipers

    Welcome to “service” in Australia! Especially in the outback. Sorry to hear about your troubles.


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