27th June

27th June

Headed for Pardoo Roadhouse. 40K from Pardoo which is 350K from Karratha & 150K from Port Hedland what did we see?!!!!! A loan worker whipper stripping (strimming) a hump of Spinifex grass at the side of the road!!!!!! Really he goes along and strips the ones the mowers miss!!!!!!!!


Great brekky in roadhouse.

I know I said we’d be out of contact for a week. Well we would have been if we’d stayed in Port Smith. The idyllic sounding location with bush golf course , bird sanctuary and lovely lagoon.

We arrived in Port Smith got out and got bit. Beep beep midges everywhere. Talk a walk to the lagoon – lagoon – we’ve loads of these round Gladstone – a flipping mangrove swamp and guess what – yep – even more midges. They said go have a “chill” around the lagoon. One lady up to her ankles in mud trying to get the boat out – was less than complimentary about the place and they’d booked 2 weeks!!!!!

Didn’t bother with photos – just packed up again.

29th June

Find a spot available in a caravan park in Derby – another 300K away. That’ll be nearly 1000K in three days. Luckily a local had suggested Derby at brekky in the Pardoo roadhouse.

Nearly an eventful journey though. Always seems to happen when I’m driving – some idiot in a 4WD decided , for no apparent reason that he didn’t like his side of the road. I had to take fast evasive action to avoid being side swiped by him – a very wobbly few seconds then followed. Thank goodness for the Alko system – together of course with my superb ( well maybe) driving skills we regained a straight course. Not funny at 90k!!!

The Gateway to the Kimberly CP looks lovely and we have a beaut spot with just enough shade trees all round. Off to the jetty to watch the sunsetimage image

Even better the cafe at the end of the jetty does take away curries. Ollie thinks he’s gone to heaven!!!

30th June

After the “excitement” of the last few days it’s a lazy day. Quick trip around Derby and a few short walks are the order of the day in 35 degree heat.

1st July

on the golf course by 7am. 9 holes played on a lovely course. The bird life was amazing, Eagles, Hawks, black cockatoos, galas, magpie larks, tufted little doves, plovers and the raucous corellas. The course is dotted with the most amazing old Boab trees.image You can just see a face in this one if you look closelyimage large boba, termite mound and Ollie!

image Not sure this is but the Boab is lovely

image How about these.

We followed golf with a brunch at the cafe on the jetty.

Back by midday to relax at the caravan

We cannot believe how lucky we were to get in here. The last 2 days have seen queues of caravans trying to get in. There were 15 waiting when we got back!!! All they have left is an area without water or electric!!!!

Obviously luck is with us – for now.

Nearly forgot to welcome the 2 new members of the family. Parsnip and Periwinkle. 2 new Grandpets – dwarf grey rabbits belonging to Ethan & Freya. Hopefully I will get some photos to post on the blog.

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