Synopsis of our Kimberley & Bungle Bungle Adventure

From 2nd July – 6th July

Played golf in 4BBB Stableford comp at Derby Golf Club. Great bunch of people – we were given a Derby GC mmarker momento by the club. What a lovely gesture.

Then pack those bags ready for our adventure within our adventure! Mustn’t be over 15Kg – how to tell – simple – borrow gas weighing scales from caravan park – actually bathroom scales. The things you learn!!!

Visited the little Derby market – Found Ollie’s b’day present – a lovely pearl signet ring.

off to Broome.

We had been going to leave our van at Roebuck Plains Roadhouse. They had told us it was $10 a night with power to leave it – turned out to be $33 – luckily via Adventure Wild we found an alternative at the last minute. Unheard of in Broome in the high season. Want to know our secret place just email us.

Trouble was our mail including Ollie’s b’day presents were being sent to RP roadhouse – curt response from them – get it yourselves from Broome PO. Well – turns out on our return from our trip that they collected it!!!! Silly – they had to make another 80K trip to return it to us!!!!!


6am – Adventure Wild picked us up – Ollie dropped the booze box – luckily only one of my tonic waters broke. Phew – that was lucky as no shops for 6 days. Settled in to our seats for a “bumpy” ride.


Prison Boab Tree near Derby


First stop morning tea – get to know some of the other travellers. 13 of us in total plus Liz & Phil our guides – who double up as cooks, drivers and carers!!

image       The next stop was Tunnel creek a 750m walk through a wonderful limestone cave under/in the Hills of Windjanna gorge

image On arrival in Windjanna gorge we are handed our tents and swags!!! image


Piles of swags & bags – the tents we have erected. Simplest ever – 4 pegs in each base corner and a pole in the middle!!!!!!!! Ollie’s found the kitchen trailer!!!!

An evening round the camp fire and a name game to get us all to know each other. Everyone had to choose a well known person with the same name. With 2x Elizabeth’s, a Phillip, Diana & Ann we took on a Royal flavour to the group. Sure helped remember everyone’s names – apart from the royals we had – Desmond Tutu, Noel Edmunds, Rod Stewart, Shane Warne, Debbie Reynolds, Brian Henderson, Pauline Hanson, Jennifer Anderson, Carmel the town and Golly Ollie.

In what was to become a norm we all took to our beds by 8pm!!!!

Perhaps the hardest thing that night was to remember there was no electric light switch!! Finding the head torch in the dark to find the glasses or find the glasses to find the head torch – all the time busting to go to the loo which was out there in the dark somewhere with only the stars to guide you if you didn’t find that “b” head torch! Showers were lovely and warm – but no lights – I shone my headlight for Ollie and vice a versa even though he was in gents and I was in ladies – thank goodness for open topped showers.

July 7th

Up with the birds – 5.30am ( this also becomes a norm for the tour – sometimes a lie in till 6am – poor Ollie – his time clock is ruined)


Bowerbird nest – note all the white things – he does this very neatly to attract a mate. If anyone disturbs them he simply replaces them back again – OCD or what!


Just one of the many pictures we have of Windjanna gorge ( if I put in all our pics you’ll be scrolling through a few thousand!!!!!)

We learn that the Kimberley was never part of Australia until they collided X million years ago. Causing a Devonian (coral/limestone) ridge and rift from Darwin to the Great Sandy Desert. The rest of the area is made up of mostly different ages of sandstone with some granite and basalt. Wonderful picture in my head of squeezing an enormous toothpaste tube between 2 lumps of concrete. However it happened it has created rocky gorges and river systems – that are difficult to climb over and through – yes we found out how difficult!!!


Morning tea at Dog Chain Creek (yes, Roger Morning Tea every day!)


The creek


The creek again


The map!!!!

We drove through the Kimberley Plateau and over the Leopold ranges to Mt Barnett for 2 nights. Here and from now on the camp sites have tents ready erected – very spacious – they all have zips – interesting music in the middle of the night – another camping memory. The “wiz bangs” of the transit vans have nothing on the Zippity do Das of 9 tents at 2am.

But nothing can take away the glorious night sky – stars you feel you can touch every night.

We then went to Silent Grove and took a 2 K walk to Bell Grove with a swim


Our swimming pool.


Our tents

July 8th

6k walk to Manning gorge.


Boat across to Manning gorge

The start was a short walk to the boat – rather like a 4 man ferry – might have been easier to swim!!!! Then off across the up, up, ups and the down, down downs of the rocky water carved plateau. The sun was getting warmer and the 1 1/2 litre water flasks although necessary were causing slight challenges as they swung about. Diana did a wonderful impression of a plane nose diving to earth – thank goodness only shaken up and not damaged but not very Royal manoeuvre!!!

The walk was sooooooo worth it. The pool & waterfall with a lovely picnic lunch was really refreshing


Flora on route




And another


Yet one more

Judy – what are they?


Come on you lot!!!



Another swimming pool at Manning gorge


Aboriginal art

image Suddenly the wilderness got crowded – why does everyone have to follow me???image image

Return back to camp to take a trip to Galvins Gorge. Upon alighting from the bus we ask the lovely Queen Liz 2nd ( me being the first of course on account of age) – how far are we walking – Oh about 150 metre – music to our ears after the morning walk. After the first 300m – there are chorus’s of when are we there? You guessed it – about 150metres!! On return to the bus I noted the sign – 1K to Galvins Gorge!!! Needless to say thereafter when anyone asked the distance to anywhere it was – 150metres!!! Poor Liz – she took it so well – always smiling and laughing.


Part of the 150metres


Another beautiful spot for a swim

image  Found this Carpet Python whilst looking at rock art in the gorge.


Another camp fire after another wonderful day.

Great steak BBQ over the open fire. Liz & Phil are such wonderful hosts and cooks in our Buck Palace camp site. Amazing the food we are given. Apparently Rory – one of the owners of Adventure Wild designed and made the camp kitchen trailer – it has everything – including a giant esky for the all important evening beverages.

Thats the end of day 3 – more to come next post.


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  1. Anneke

    Thanks for sharing. Love to read your post. Glad you and Ollie are having a great time. Look forward to the next post. 😃


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