August 3rd

Aug 3rd

We decided to try out the golf course at Kununarra before leaving. Perhaps that wasn’t such a good idea – half way down the first hole my trolley battery went flat !!!  Weather & golf were good – but the course & lack of power not so. Diesel oil on the sand greens can be rather overpowering!!! Reminded us of the horse racing at Broome – slight difference to the smell of new mown grass!!! Apparently it’s a necessity to stop the sand blowing away!!!

imageThis blue winged Kooky came & sat beside me

Aug 4th

Off to Katherine. We were going to stay at Timber Creek and take a sunset tour up the river – beautiful river with marvellous gorges and salty crocs!!! Stopped at Timber Creek – I got the heeby geebies!! Don’t ask why but it did not feel right. Decided to push on to Katherine.

Got these lovely pics on Facebook. Chris & family on holiday in Franceimage Claire, Chris, Thomas, Lucy & Sam With Emily in the front

image Lucy

Then this one. Tim & family on holiday in the Isle of Wight. Thank goodness the rain stopped. Last time we saw them they were tucked up in their tent in the pouring rain and howling wind just off to see a film at the local cinema!!!!image Look at the weather now

Ethan, Freya & Steph.

Aug 5th

Sometimes things don’t quite go right!! Shady Lane CP in Katherine is a lovely spot – think we may take a break from sightseeing and watch the Olympics – perhaps not no channel 7 so no tv coverage here????

I found that somehow half my crocheted rug I am doing has shrunk!! I’ve been crocheting away on my lap for days/weeks – at some point I must have started using too small a crochet hook. Oh, Puddleducks!!! Now undoing half of it.

Feel a tickle – in the throat. Oh, hell – I seem to have a cold. It’s years since I had one so am a bit slow to realise – it wasn’t the diesel oil or the lack of battery in the golf trolley Timber Creek or the driving making me feel odd. I have a corker!!! Presumably picked up from the APT boat trip ( they were all talking about colds on their coaches) up the Ord River.

Fortunately some sites in the CP have TV points so we are moving to one tomorrow – that’s were I think we’ll stay for a couple of weeks. Time to shake off the cold, Ollie to get it (hopefully not) and catch up with my crochet. Seems like a plan.


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