18th Aug

Aug 18th

Well done Lucy. Three A’s at A level – you’re off to Bath Uni!!!!! Congrats – you got on the front page as well!!


19th & 21st

It has been sooooo hot apart from watching the Olympics, reading up to my neck in the swimming pool we’ve done very little. Can’t believe that Nick Skelton at 58 won the Show Jumping – what an achievement. We did a bit of Geocaching – but melted doing it. We thought we might play 9 holes of golf but when we got to the club it was tooooo hot. So we had lunch instead and played for 1/2hr (in the air con) on the Pokies. Came away with lunch & a drink costing us a dollar!!!!!!!! Thanks to a win.

Well done to Chloe Esposito in Modern Pentathlon – this is a true Olympian sport. Mo Farah is a star – we really thought he was going to be beaten.

Awesome result for the UK. Congratulations to the Olympic Refugee team – the most successful team with 22% success rate. Worked on number of athletes v total medals won.

Out of the top 10 countries non of them beat the refugee team!!!! America = 17.2%, GB = 18%, China = 17.2%, Russia =9.8%, Germany = 6.7%, France = 5.4%, Japan = 7.3%, Italy = 8% & Australia = 6.2%.

22nd Aug

Left Katherine for Daly Waters. Stopped at the weighbridge – having collected a few extra bits & pieces including my rocks we thought it was time to check out the weights. Seems I could have bought another 100K of rocks!!!!! Well under weight in the caravan. The car however has a 350k discrepancy in it’s axles!!!!! Is this right?????

Stopped off at Bitter Springs for a dip in the thermal stream. Oh I think this is one of the top highlights of my trip. Crystal clear not too warm water with a slow current to drift you gentle downstream. On our second trip we were closely followed by a pair of shining flycatchers (monarchs) all the way down the stream. Sheer bliss and not too many peopleimage


Daly Waters pub for the night. We stopped here 8 years ago & it hasn’t changed – except it’s for sale. As before it is pumping with people. Sitting quietly eating our Barra we find we are surrounded by Gladstonians. Can you believe it.image image

23rd Aug

Off to Tenant Creek. Decide to rearrange the car and weigh again in TC.

Parked beside a – well take a look

image It’s a bicycle that is pushed from behind. Tracy and her dog Dexter have walked from Byron Bay in NSW via Telina in Gladstone, where her daughter lives, across to Tenant Creek since April. She is then off to Broome down the West Coast hoping to return in 18 months time!!!!

Please take look at her website on Facebook – just go to Facebook and type in “onewomanwandering”. So far she has raised $13,000 for The Black Dog Institute”.

image Emily having tea!!! Can’t believe she is 9 now. Time flies.


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