Aug 13th

13th – 18th

The Olympics is doing nothing for my exercise routine. Loved watching the tennis 😃 & the golf😃 .

Talk about punching above our weight in Australia & UK. Compared to China (1.3B), USA (319M) we are thrashing them.

I do wish the TV commentators would stop calling Silver & Bronze medals – minor medals. There is nothing minor about a medal position in any competition let alone the Olympics.

My eyes & fingers are very fit!!!! Finished one rug and onto the next. Plus mornings watching the Olympics followed by a 36 degree afternoon.

The last few days excercise has been a couple of swims in the pool, 9 holes of golf and a walk & a swim in Edith Park gorge. Even my camera finger has had a rest – only 1 photo this week



So proud of Thomas.  What a catch – not sure of the type of fish.




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