17th Sept

17th Sept

Periwinkle & Parsnip. Just love those names created by Ethan & Freyaimage Periwinkle is on the left. They have a “tunnel” between “penthouses” around the garden.

Today started with Ollie doing some caravan cleaning and I did some knitting & crochet.

Then off to the Capricornia Wine & food show on the river bank. Only 5 winneries and one cheese stall. You could pay extra dollars for a long table lunch, $60 BBQ !!!, or cheese demo. Other food on offer was typical show van stuff. But, only $10 to get in with a free wine glass – I like a De Bertolli Pinot Gris and Ollie a Penfolds Pinot Noir. Decided to get a cheese platter with our tasting wine and watch “The Miners” from My Kitchen Rules

image they did a lamb rack – looked good

Bought some cheese and went to buy a couple of bottles of wine each. Couldn’t believe it – because of Queensland laws we couldn’t buy bottles to take off the Showgrounds – we would have had to drink it there!!!!!! Can you believe it???? They couldn’t even send any!!!!!

Sept 18th

Craft page – these are some of the things I have been working on as we travel

image  image

Also did a coat in the above wool.  No photo as it’s a surprise for someone. Love the button on the bag – Ollie’s choice!!!

Two floor rugs for our bedroomimage

Oh dear. Think I’ve done myself an injury!!!!! Went to see Bridget Jones Baby tonight. Now my ribs are hurting – laughing too much. Great acting & silly fun

image just heard Ethan did his first 1 mile race. Apparently he did it in 8 mins 5 secs. Sounds fast to me. Well done

My coach tells me I’ve had my rest days and it’s back to golf tomorrow.

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