19th Sept

19th Sept

Woof, woof, woof – phone at 7am!! Gabble gabble, gabble, dolphin, noise, crash, earthquake – Morning Marj – after some time ascertain that wooden dolphin sculpture fell off the wall bashing a few things around at 5.30am this morning – should have stopped the party earlier Marj!!! Apparently there was an earth tremor around 1am last night (too much information?!) – this must have loosened the wall hanging. Obviously a shock for everyone but no one hurt and house still standing.

Back to the Yeppoon Championship golf course today. A bit of a slog in the humidity – glad we had an electric buggy!!! Ollie got 36 stable ford points and I got 41. That’s on a slope rating of 128 & 132 respectively – both feeling chuffed.

20th Sept

Ollie announces he’s lost his Fitbit – search the van – he knows he had it on last night before bed he says. No sign anywhere.

Last time at Yeppoon golf club today – seems my fall the other day – caught my head on golf cart roof and overbalanced backwards – has twisted my back. Gave up on the 12th hole and watched Ollie play really well.

21st Sept

Another search of the van for the Fitbit – no luck.

Off to Tannum Sands – still have creaking noise in car. I get hair done and Ollie sees Brigitta for an MOT. All great and off we go to Bargara. Wonderful little CP right on the ocean front – called Ocean Front.

image Photo of Tannum Sands that morning taken by someone on Facebook – beautiful.

22nd Sept

Still no Fitbit – decide to start at the back of the van working way through to front looking and in the process clear as much of the van ready for dropping it in Brisbane in 2 weeks time or it’s service. Literally empty every cupboard, locker and boot. Clean everything – just the kitchen area left to do. At the same time clean and tidy the back & the front seats of the car searching and making room for all the stuff from the van. Nothing – no Fitbit. We know it is somewhere close – on the daily read out Ollie tells me how it did 850 steps yesterday.

Amazing it is still walking – by itself I say. It has to be with us otherwise it wouldn’t register!!!

Sit for a late afternoon coffee and rest – it must be somewhere it is still registering. I ask Ollie how many steps has it done today – none. Then ask him how many steps it did on Tuesday 20th – 450 he tells me.

Durr – it must be in the car – the caravan didn’t move on Tuesday only the car. Oh look there it is – under the golf clubs on the back seat of the car – definitely not in car someone told me cause he’d had it on before bed!!!!!!! He’d looked in the golf bag and seat he said – it couldn’t be there cause he had it on before bed!!!!!!

Ring any bells girls – damn that Man look!!!!!! Still the caravan is now cleaned and nearly ready to be dropped off 2 weeks early!!!!


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