27th Sept

27th Sept

Another golf comp with the vets of Bargara. Played with Jill & Bruce Rogers. No wonder I felt my golf was a bit below par ( no pun intended) – Jill’s round won her the Vets Championship A Grade golf for the year that day!!!!!

Got back to the caravan park and noticed this lovely van parked beside us img_3468 Too late to find out about it and they went off early next day. So sweet.

28th Sept

Paperwork & accounts – why doesn’t the tax man take a holiday?!!!!  Curse, curse, curse – old laptop does not want to work. Eventually get it working and it freezes – that was 3 hours gone. Not feeling happy – slog, slog, slog – nearly finished – oh no – have to convert £ figures to $ figures. All done – head hurts.

Decide to go into Bundaberg to get Ollie’s iPad sorted (home button playing up) and wifi (not powering up properly). Get into Bundaberg – Oh SH 1 T. Forgot the iPad & wifi!!!!!!!! Never mind – do some Christmas ( sorry not supposed to say Christmas any more are we!!!!!! ) shopping – got the lights & the crackers (Bon bons here).

We are so lucky – just seen the news on the weather in SA. Places we visited last Nov/Dec have really suffered in the storms – poor people only just beginning to recover from the horrendous fires. Tornados with hurricane force winds & rain. The State of SA has no power. Luckily it seems no one is hurt.



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