29th Sept

29th Sept

Played in the vets golf again at Bargara. Teamed up with lovely lady Louise for 4BBB – thought we’d done OK with 41 – not a bit of it – well down the order!!

Rain started on the course and continued – storms overnight. Luckily we had taken awning in before we left for golf because of the wind – unluckily we hadn’t taken in the cushions on the seats!!!! Tried turning on the heating to dry them off – not a good idea – didn’t really want a sauna!!!!!!

30th Sept

The day after the storm. The seas are battering the coast.



Who likes Telstra?!!!!! Definitely not me. We popped into the Bundaberg Telstra to enquire as to how we get a new wifi device as mine has a faulty power socket. After sometime the girl serving us comes back to us and suggests we ditch this device, pay off $230 on our old contract with Bigpond (now part of Telstra again) and sign up to a new service with Telstra giving more GB for less money. Sounds good.

I had already explained I had the Bigpond service as it gave us free data on Foxtel Go. Asked if the new contract would give free data – absolutely. I still wasn’t sure – ask if she is certain – absolutely but she will go & check. Eventually some 20 mins later she returns – no it does not.

Go back to original question – told I need to phone Netgear who make the device – say my contract is with Bigpond not Netgear. Get told that if I read the box the device came in it tells me to contact Netgear – that’s odd last time Bigpond sent me a new device and now there is no Bigpond it is all Telstra again. She gives me Netgear number and asks if she can of further service to me today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ring Netgear – they tell me they have no contract with Bigpond any more – well they wouldn’t would they Bigpond doesn’t exist anymore. They give me a Telstra number to ring. No longer at the shop – probably a bit of luck for the Telstra girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go – that call – we’ve all had them!!!!! Get truly hacked off – some 30 mins later after explaining my problem to 3 people and am told someone will ring me back to get my details!!!! – but you have my details I had to give them to speak to you!!!! No the Back Office needs them and they have to speak to me – what time is best –  give a time – ask which day it will be expecting to hear today – 3-5 working days. I have already been told the device will be sent in 3-5 working days but if I have to wait 3-5 working days for Back Office to ring me to get my details to send the device how will I get it in 3-5 working days????!!!

Are you as confused as I was – ask to speak to Manager – 10 minutes later – manager comes on line and tells me the device is ordered and will be sent. Where to – home. Here we go again – 10 minutes later I think all is sorted and the new device will be sent to Bargara Post Office!!!! Will know in 3-5,working days!!!!!!!!

Return swiftly to caravan – need a strong coffee & regroup my mind.

Raelee via Kasee has offered to give me some tips on my chipping for golf. Thank you thank you – Raelee. She spotted the problem and fixed it. Now it’s up to me to remember the fix!!!!!

Return to caravan park in the dark – as we drive through the park to our van catch “a rabbit in the headlights” – nearly nude elderly gentleman with his back to us and his Y fronts dropping nearly to his knees is delving into the rubbish bin!!!!!!

The day is I think at an end – till I check my emails – UK solicitor needs me to ring him – oh Puddleducks – what now.

He tells me I need to email my bank details as he can’t pay me for my land we’ve just sold.  However a month ago he told me I had to ring him with bank details  as email wasn’t allowed because of security. Which I did. This is all aside from the fact that he must have my bank details from previous dealings – point this out and get told they have no bank record of my account!!!!!!!!

What a day – has the world gone mad – or is it me??? After a couple of glasses of wine the day came to an end.

1st Oct

New day, new month. New head needed!!!!! The sun is out, the wind has stopped and the sea is calm. Land sold and money in bank. What difference a night makes.





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