1st Oct

1st Oct

Lovely day at golf. Thanks to Raelee’s tips I got my first ever birdie on a par 4 and not the easiest hole on the course.

The only downer on the day is I seem to have picked up another cold.

2nd Oct

Damn another cold for definite. Not the right day to have a fuzzy head. Trying to sort contents of van into car. Funny how much you collect in a year. If only the caravan wasn’t so big!!!! And the car not big enough!!!! At least Ollie is keeping an eye on me and stopping me put car contents into van!!!! I hope.

Apparently the whales were playing in the bay today – bother by the time Ollie looked they were gone.

Only 4 more nights in our van. I am so going to miss it. It’s so cosy and takes so little cleaning!! The thoughts of having a 4 bed house to clean are not filling me with glee. Seeing our friends & family will more than compensate though.

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