3rd Oct

3rd Oct

Said goodbye to Anneke & Hans. They are going north and us south

img_3479 img_3480

Note – Ollie with drill in hand !!!! Looks like a workman!!!!!!

Set off for Cotton Tree in Maroochydore – arrive safely but with a horrible grinding noise in the hitch. Stop on the way, unhitch, clean everything, rehitch – no still grinding. All silent as we travel but as soon as we slow down & turn it’s off again. Oh poops. Also combo looks down in the middle again!

Pouring with rain in Cotton Tree as we park. Get soaked setting up.

Change of plans – not meeting everyone in the park but at my brothers at 2.30pm. Just drying off and phone rings – ’tis my Bro, where are we? It’s only just past 2.30 – that’s rich coming from him!!!!

Great to see, Duncan & Carlie with 4 month Audrey & Leanne with 8 month Patrick. (Sorry forgot to take pics – still fuzzy headed obviously). Also great to catch up with Nicola & Alec.

Oct 4th

img_3485 Morning view from caravan park and view to Maroochydore CBDimg_3486

Visit to osteopath in Buderim – Come out feeling taller & staighter – the “thumb screws” seem to have worked.

Notice the car is down at the back – hopefully not those springs again!! Peders are no help this time – try to say we are overweight and basically try to sell us larger springs. This of course wouldn’t solve an overweight problem – just solve their bank balance.

Fact is that there is 10cm difference !!!!!!! Between front and back.  Decide to check the weight thing and visit the weigh bridge again – well under on both axles – no nearer to solving the problem. Pump up air bags = 5cm difference – bit better.

Anyone any ideas???

After a number of phone calls we have a caravan repair chap coming out tomorrow. Maybe he’ll have some answers. Good job we are at the end of our trip!!!

Alec dropped over for nibbles & drinkies – Nicola on her way to Melbourne on an all expenses paid trip by the company she works for – or so we thought – poor thing – stuck in Brisbane. Plane from Maroochydore never took off bus to Brisbane too late for connection to Melbourne.

Celebrations tomorrow – our land sale in the U.K. Should be complete!!!!


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