5th Oct

5th Oct

Egg & bacon brekky on the Cadac. Our last for a while.

Whilst waiting for caravan repair chap start the last of the clean ups to drop the van off in Brisbane

Oh boy – Bruce the repair chap eventually found the problem after hitching up and much tooing & froing of the van and scratching of heads. Not the tow bar, not the Alko hitch, not the ball, not the brakes. Nearly eliminated and checked everything. One last thing to check – not sure of the exact name but there is a piston like bit between the van & the Alko – it sort of holds everything together – it has 4 bolts holding it in position normally. Ours had 1 !!!!!!! The 3 others were less than finger tight – well actually loose!!!!!! Oh boy – visions of what might have happened are not pretty.

Lovely meal with my brother. Don’t know what is wrong with me lately – keep forgetting to take pics.

But I do have pics of my great nephew & niece

img_3487 Audrey 4 months

img_3488 Patrick (8months) with Uncle Duncan !!!!!


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