On the move again – 2nd July

IMG_4306 Clareview BeachIMG_4310IMG_0075 on the way to Clareview

We are on our way again. This time we are off for 2 months playing Vet’s golf competitions from Mareeba down to Rockhampton. Looking forward to 8 weeks of travel and fun & games. Hopefully get some walking in and I have my bike with me.

As you can see from the beach photo the Qld sun is not shining. In fact as we arrived in Clareview it tried to rain. Caravan Park packed as it is school holidays and all the “Mexicans” are following the sun from Victoria!!!

Almost forgotten what fun it is watching various people setting up. Things don’t always go right!!!!!  Satellite dishes never seem to behave as they should!!!

All settled in and trouble arrives – nuts & seeds on the tree above us – not a problem till the arrival of the black cockatoos. It’s like a hailstorm!!! Wish we had a slingshot. Oh, the fun of travelling – next door haven’t met them before!!!




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