20th & 21st July


After a morning tidying the van we decided to go have some lunch – but first an appetiser walk along Cardwell beach. IMG_4489IMG_4491The hills in the distance are part of Hinchinbrook Island.

Off to the big crab for lunch looking out over the Coral Sea. It’s 10 years since we stayed in Cardwell and it has grown a lot – cyclone Yassi caused a load of devastation but it has also in the long term benefitted the area with new sea walls and walks. Also the golf club benefitted because so many trees fell down and habitat of the endangered sugar glider was affected so the parks & wildlife helped replant & renew the course!!!!

After lunch we thought we’d take a look at the lookout we’d seen from the golf club. Here’s the viewIMG_4494 We noticed a walk from the Cardwell Lookout to the Hinchinbrook Channel Lookout. Off we went – 298 metres straight up 240 steps.IMG_4497 Phew. Look at the views

We made it – and there was a seat at the topIMG_4503

Back down we went and drove to look at Dead Horse CreekIMG_4504? Fern treeIMG_4508Bee Eater Kingfisher

IMG_4509Dead Horse Creek

then we went onto The Spa Pools

IMG_4519IMG_4520We’d planned a dip but as you can see – not enough water. Lovely day


Day of biscuit cooking!!! Passion fruit shortbreads, square Amaretti and ginger biscuits. Great for nibbling and sharing at golf.IMG_3962

one more day at Cardwell golf club tomorrow then off to Ingham. Hopefully catch up with Elizabeth & Robyn wh we met in Ceduna last year.

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