3rd to 6th Aug

Friday 3rd Ladies Open Golf Proserpine. The fairway photo is meant to show all 4 balls in a line on the fairway. Still, shows the lovely weather.IMG_0236IMG_0237Rehab, Lorraine, Trudy & I nearly finished. I managed to come 4th and got the most accurate Drive – right on the line.

then on Sat we played mixed foursomes. Didn’t get placed – learnt a few more rules to this game – didn’t realise in pairs if you have 14 clubs between you you can share clubs – not sure how much use that is. Also, you can pick up and wipe your ball anywhere!!!! Lost a few balls in the various waters.!!!!

Sunday – no golf today – which is lucky as it is raining. Later take a walk when the sun came out.

Monday & Tuesday we are playing more vets in fact the start of the Wintersun 6 days championship.

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