14th – 15th Aug

2 days full on of golf at Mackay. Lovely golf course. Managed to totally avoid the bunkers (which are numerous & deep) on the first day., Second day was a different story – I think I was in about 10. Amazingly I got out first time each time!!!!!

On the evening of the 15th we had the dinner and presentation of the prizes. Ollie & I won – a prize in the raffle!!!!!!!!! In fact a very good prize – a golfing umbrella and 12 Coronas. Best prize so far!!! As far as Ollie is concerned.

Quite amazed the buffet dinner was free and then they put a bottle of red & a bottle white on each table of 8 people. All free!!

We’ve met some lovely people on our trip. Happy to have fun and play a bit of golf. Then there’s the others!!! Less said the better, except to say some lady golfers make you feel like a naughty child in class if you have too much fun. It’s a wonder they can see the ball with the way their noses point!!!!!  Met a chap from Murray Bridge who knew our friend Helen – amazing.

We now have a day off then 2 days one at Pioneer Valley & 1 at Black Springs before we make our way down to the Capricorn Vets Carnival.

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