16th Aug

Our day of rest started with a fridge clean!!!!! The overflow container outside under the grill was full of water and the fridge kept dripping internally. Decided to clean the tube – vinegar & soda bic – amazing how much “gunk” came out.

So, after a lazy morning we took off to Eungella and Broken River. Favourite spots of ours. These are pictures from The Chalet at Eungella.

Health & safety would have a field day here. !!!!!!! Wouldn’t get away with this at Tannum.


These garden sculptures have been here for years. So clever

IMG_4022IMG_4020IMG_4024Brown frog not a toadIMG_4025

After a brief stop we took off to Broken River to see if we could see any platypus. As it was only 3pm we thought we were a bit early. But look who came out and waved at usIMG_4030IMG_4017IMG_4016IMG_4011IMG_4010IMG_4009IMG_4026

We we also had a visit from this chapIMG_4028IMG_4027

So peaceful here. We were sitting on the bank watching the platypus and Ollie managed to snap this of an Eastern Yellow Robin. What a great pictureIMG_4031


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