We’re off again

Hi Everyone

It’s been a while. 2017 wasn’t the best year.

After dying 4 times in Feb I was lucky to make a speedy recovery, only to be knocked sideways byAussie Flu, that was followed by a fairly dramatic reaction to antibiotics.

Thinking I was on the road to recovery I contacted my Cardiac Consultant when I became anaemic and no amount of liver & spinach would change it. He immediately admitted me and did a colonoscopy after finding a tumour on a scan ( nearly killed me again as my kidneys reacted to the contrast they used). This tumour was an adenocarcinoma – the worst bit was having to wait a month over Christmas whilst all teams came back from holidays.

Again I have been so lucky all removed with no need for further action. They did try and drown me by giving me too much IV fluids!!!!! Thank to all the staff at Prince Charles Hospital – I am here because of you.

Now it’s onwards & upwards. Instead of caravanning we are Cruising!! 276A4F8E-BC9A-4563-830B-DB6ED2BD39C6

We are taking the Astor back to the UK. We start on the 12th March and arrive in Tilbury on 20th April.

We are staying in a lovely spot near Colchester Essex. Link to the apartment –  https://abnb.me/RHivVQmR3K

We then leaveThe UK on 15th Oct again on the Astor and return to Oz via the Panama Canal. We arrive in Sydney on Dec. 1st.

So excited can’t wait to see grandchildren and children & friends back in UK.. Eldest Grandie Lucy will be 21, Ollie has his 70 th. On the way we visit South Africa and do a couple of Safaris. So exciting.

This should be the first of many posts but whilst we are on the Cruise it may be a bit hit and miss..


8 thoughts on “We’re off again

  1. Anneke

    So glad to read that all is well again with you and that you are going on a cruise to the UK. So I presume you have sold your caravan. What about your house? Have you sold that as well or not yet?
    Have send you a private message on Messenger.
    LIz and Ollie, have a safe trip and enjoy every minute of it.
    Love from boht of us. 🙂

  2. Elene Anderson

    Wow ! You have had an “eventful” time. God Speed your health to a good recovery. That cruise sounds wonderful. Other than going to family in Brisbane, daughter and I did the one day trip to Antarctica out of Brisbane. That was amazing………flying low for Four hours over the ice, snow and mountains in a Qantas Boeing 747. We had scientists on board and were interesting to listen to. I have bought and am reading the Mawson expedition..yes, took lots of photos and a CD is in the making from Anticartic Travels. Other than having to vacate home for three weeks nothing planned in trips. Am having the inside painted in May. Sooooo am having the best “sort” out …………..
    Have a fantastic time ……………have thought of going to Norway etc…………..not been to the UK yet……….

  3. Joanne Driver

    So happy you are both doing well, looking forward to you photo’s and post, have a really wonderful time which I’m sure you will be. Enjoy you time in the UK and travel safe.
    Love from both of us
    Mark & Joanne

  4. Perry Micale

    Bon Voyage, Liz & Ollie. Leave the past behind & enjoy the future. We will be waiting for the pictures.

    See in Dec. xx


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