7th March

Just lost 20 years!!!!! Had the salt removed from my hair – left the pepper.

Whilst I spent 2 hours relaxing in the massage chair and having a scalp massage whilst having my hair done, Ollie was rushing around doing last minute things. I got a real surprise when he poked his head around the mirror – what was he doing here.

Well actually that was why he was there – he’d got to that well known point – As he approached the bank and opened the door he’d had a “blond” (not grey!!!) moment – Why am I here??? Luckily, unusually I remembered why he was there!!!

Oops – went into Bunnings and nearly had a fatal fall – well tiny trip actually = new pair shoes required. What a result – most expensive in the shop at half price (well, it means you save more)

All packed and ready to leave on Friday – hopefully beat the predicted cycloneThis is a model of the forecast for next week. Hope it’s wrong

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