8th & 9th March

Thursday was a cleaning and last minute day – mowed lawns and cleaned car. All sorted ready to leave

Oops Ollie’s hat took off in the wind into the neighbours garden on the Mulberry tree.

Friday 9th

5am – The View from our balcony up the Boyne River – last time till Dec

View towards the Coral Sea over the hillBruce & Marj arrive to take us to the airport – great taxi servicejust a bit of luggage!!! Check in was interesting – why did I throw a lighter into which case!!!!! Old habits die hard – 20 minutes later success. Through the customs bit – gee I held everyone up again – Defib sent all bells jingling – body frisk, feet and shoes. Then go to pick up hand luggage – how did those tiny scissors get into my hand luggage – oh flip – now I must be a drug Barron or an explosives expert – half an hour later and I’m successfully through customs!!!!! Time for a coffee No time as we are boarding – where did that 2 hours go to? on to our little plane and off to Brissie. Yahoo we’re offSome people are wonderful – with 14Kgs of hand luggage a double flight of stairs – rain soaked – after a walk across the tarmac looked daunting – suddenly no hand luggage as it was carried for us.

just before take off Love these cranesView of the Brisbane River on our way to Perth after a 5 hour wait in the airport

9pm Perth time – arrive – shoehorn ourselves out of the cattle truck feeling Pooped. Had the best food on the flight though.. The passenger we had sat was was amazing he helped us with our luggage – thanks mate.

Then – I couldn’t believe it – the taxi driver packed our luggage in and got it out and up the flight of stairs at our apartment – he refused a tip!!!!!

Thoroughly tired and amazed at our wonderful fellow travellers.

3 thoughts on “8th & 9th March

  1. Anneke

    Love reading your story. You both must be pooped. Good that you have a few day’s rest before going on the cruise. But what a lot of luggage. Don’t tell me you have a body rolled in the piece of carpet on top of your luggage. 😛


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