10th March

Time for a “Yomp” (look it up in the dictionary).

First stop breakfast 1.4 K to the Railway Carriage. Next stop Fremantle Markets. Pass these trees growing out seemingly from the hotel !!!!

Markets were 1.2 K. Oh boy I do love markets. Everyone seems so happy & chatty. Pick up fresh food for our stay and info re free bus service. Took the “Blue Cat” bus to the Rail Station then walked the 1 K home – up the hill!! Why is it always downhill going and uphill coming back?

Off again for lunch. Took the “Red Cat” bus – all free – to South Terrace and the restaurants. Just love people watching – sat on the sidewalk with the largest “Baby Pork” rack of ribs I have ever seen. Bang goes the diet but I have walked 3 or 4 K so far today.

Time for some retail therapy – I am going to have the smartest Hubby on the ship – new DJ – first time in 30 years!!!! Well the other one had seemingly shrunk – or was it that Ollie had expanded!!!!!

Time now to Yomp back, put feet up with well earned vino and have that bread & cheese we bought earlier.

Note:- to those new to the blog – they start daily but tend to get more spaced out as time goes on. They will this time when we’re at sea. You get some respite!!!!

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