22nd March – 31st March

Not sure what happened to my blog. AfterMauritius we visited Reunion Island. I was amazed at the traffic. Expected a tropical island with very little on it. Not a bar of it.reunion Island is very French – and has thrived on common market money from France. just a bit of the building –on return to the boat we had another formal evening and show. Then off to Durban.


Amazing display of tropical fruitsunfortunately that was about all I saw of the day – Ollie in his wonderful sharing way shared his cold!!!!


I managed 10 x laps of the boat – 2.2 K. Feeling well chuffed. Played a great game of Sequence with Sally & Peter.

25th March Meet Geoff & Mavis

What an amazing life – Geoff is 9 years older than me and Mavis 5 years. In 1970 after 9 years of marriage and with 2 daughters they took a paid passage to South Africa. Geoff was a cabinet maker . They took £10,000 fridge/freezer, twin tub washing machine, 2 beds and a couple of tea chests!! They bought a car and started building a house. 5 years and 2 more children(both boys) later they moved in. Meanwhile Geoff started a steel shelving company and in 31/2 years had paid off the mortgage. The house was 6 bed home and is now in use as a dentists after they had it compulsory purchased (at a great price)

It is now 1985 and they took off from Johannesburg to Cape Town to build a boat – as you do with 4 young children! Mavis got a job in purchase control for a local company and Geoff took to boat building. 4 years later they took off to sail to England. This was after Geoff learnt to sail whilst building the boat!!! With a 20, 19, 14 & 9 year old. They took 2years. Going via St HelenaAscension Island, Grenada, Brazil, VenezuelaSt Lucia, St Martins and St Kitts.They visited Porta Cruz and rented a car from “rent a wreck” having been given a warning that when they break down – yes when not if – they phone a certain number – remember no mobile phones!!

At last they decided England and educating for the youngest 2 boys called., Before that they bought a parrot – as you do on a boat – a yellow crowned Amazon called Salty. Geoff stayed in Baltimore/Florida to sell the 41 foot boat they had called home for the last 2 years and Mavis took 3 children home. Their eldest daughter stayed on having got a job as nanny to Bruce Springsteen’s keyboard players children!,

On arrival they had to save a months worth of droppings from Salty to cover quarantine – slightly differentt now.

Since 1990 they lived in Naresborough UK followed by Fleet in Hampshire where Mavis worked as an accountant. Including their 2 uearcruise they have taken another 35 cruises in the last 25 years not all sea cruises – some rivers and canals

I did 11 times round the deck today


Durban & Tala Game Reserve

27th March


Sometimes I wonder about being on the high seas for so long – there is a lady Maxine – on her 30 something cruise with CMV – she is knitting tea bag strings – yes Claire tea bag strings (no please don’t save them for me). I wonder how many cruises you can do before the rot sets in!!!

Whoops looks like I have internet problems

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